1300mm  adjustable agitator unit

fitted with four bearings, a set of weights &  spacers & v belt drive pulley,

i manufacture these from 150mm upto 1.5m in length, please give me a call and i will make you one to your dimensions

this is a new agitator made in the Uk.

this type is ideal if your planning on building a one off machine, you can alter the amount of vibration by simply removing or adding more weights.

ideal if you want to build a soil screener, concrete tamper, polisher, vibrating table etc etc

most people run these with a Honda Gx160 5.5hp q shaft petrol engine because of the rev range, but it can also be run from an electric motor or hydraulic motor

the main advantage of this type of agitator is the simplicity, it has four sealed bearings inside the housings with grease nipples located at the top for easy servicing, it also spreads the vibrations across the centre of the machine rather than a single vibrating drive bolted onto one side of the machine

this design also eliminates the usual oil leaks and blown seals from using compactor style agitators.

i can also supply a free set of basic drawings showing how a screener is constructed and a list of suppliers for springs, mesh, engines  etc etc

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1300mm adjustable vibrating drive

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